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We are here to help keep your restaurant and kitchen fresh to ensure you retain your daily customers and enjoy a serene working environment. Our green oil recycling will remove the grease from the traps and clear out your hood, fans, and vents to save time & money and enhance your productivity at work. All you need to do is call a professional today at (646) 703-0047 and get a no-obligation quote.

When grease traps are not cleared out by specialists, they will end up clogging and overflowing. When your hood and grease trap cleaning is done by waste pickup trucks who do not care much about regulations, your cooking area and cafeteria will start smelling and the air will be stale. Our technicians are aware that each trap needs to be specially maintained and serviced. Granted, we will send professionals to suck the grease, waste oil, and food from the traps and clear the walls with eco-friendly chemicals to break down grease without affecting the quality of your traps.

With an FDNY hood cleaning certification, we ensure cooking areas will stay compliant with regulations. When you request hood cleaning and grease removal services in New York City, we deliver a reliable service without exposing you or your customers to hazardous chemicals.

Get Your Restaurant Impressively Cleaned and Compliant

Running a food establishment in NYC is a competitive feat with hundreds of establishments competing against one another. To stay on top of the competition, you should keep your facility fresh and tidy always. Cleaning should be the last thing you worry about. Just hire us, and we will ensure your systems are not only properly maintained, but also functioning as they should be. We will also ensure your food establishment is compliant with NYC and USA regulations.

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