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Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

Touch The Sky: The Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

Best Rooftop Bars In NYC The best outdoor venues for any of your summer event are probably just stepping away from your own apartment in NYC. Fortunately, in the soothing summer months, New York City tends to open its backdoors to some of the most fabulous rooftop bars in the country. There, in fact, you will find an outdoor bar for every sort of event you can think of. Whether the budget is high or low, there is a good outdoor space that will fit effortlessly all of your requirements.

Some of the great rooftop bars in the city

  • The Roof garden or the rooftop bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a fabulous location with some enormous scenery. Soak up some culture there and then wash it down with some exotic wine at this impressive but little-known location with the great of city views. Though the food can be little pricey here this is a great location to escape from the MET’s tourism and also kick back with the natives of New York.
  • The Ava Penthouse Lounge on top of The Dream Hotel is another scenic and classy option to explore. This delightful bar definitely has become the midtown staple. The panoramic views of the New York and skyline give you an amazing backdrop to all of your party photos. Ava Lounge prides also itself on the cutting edge art and can accommodate best the private events.
  • Located in the heart of Manhattan, near the Grand Central and it is on the top of the Roosevelt Hotel. This is an amazing place comes with awnings for the rainy days. Even it is excellent after-work spot for the work persons for the cocktail meets up on Thursday.
  • In Chelas, there is the Glass bar, at the top of Hotel Indigo. The amazing décor and unique drinks make the place a must going place for the party lovers.
  • If you want to relax on a summer evening with your friends, then the rooftop bar of the Strand Hotel is the most interesting place in the city. Drinks are very much reasonable here.

Regardless of the locations, a rooftop New York party is certainly a very extraordinary affair and comes complete with the gorgeous skyline, charming rooftop gardens or panoramic views of the city. These places certainly come up with an ambience that you cannot simply get elsewhere. This will be the perfect idea to make your party unique and a striking event to look back on.

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Best Rooftop Bars In NYC



Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

Best Rooftop Bars In NYC
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Touch The Sky: The Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

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